Hermina Broker

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Hermina Insurance Broker

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Initial data :

  • Already a trustworthy insurance broker with a loyal B2B client base
  • Lack of visual identity and social media presence

Aims :

  • Draw a mascot that would reflect the brand`s values and attitude to the industry, thus getting a positive interaction from the audience
  • Create regulate content on social media platforms to inform perspectives and clients about all the updates and news related to procuring and insurance, considering their necessity
Hermina Broker is an insurance broker that, besides increasing sales, wants to build a brand closer to their not only B2B customers, but also physical ones.
Hermina means ermine, a small, slender, agile, and voracious mammal, with a long fluffy tail. The business owner was very attached to the etymology of the word, this is why we had to transform the ermine into a real character, to reflect both: the business aspect and the friendly consultant.
We created 2 characters, or the same character in 2 different appearances, as the company had 2 brands: Hermina Broker and Recover.
Did we succeed in bringing this idea to life? Would you trust this cute broker?

Platforms we worked with :

What has been done :

3 prototypes of the future mascot
2 weeks of adding details and making a mix between the hermine traits and human attitude
1 mascot, 2 concepts for the same client, but different brands

Result we have achieved :

34% increase of engagement on Facebook Page
28% of new followers on Instagram per week
3 new organic leads from social media each week

Before :


After :