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Loyal Real Estate

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Initial data :

  • Launching a new concept on the real estate market in the Republic of Moldova, the creation of a Real Estate HUB
  • Lack of social media channels
  • Lack of an identity and recognisability

Aims :

  • Redesign of the Landing Page, to decrease the Bounce Rate and increase the retention rate of the user on the site
  • Develop an intuitive and user friendly design
  • Modify the design of the property listing page, by adding additional lead capture forms
The goal of the LOYAL Real Estate HUB project was to launch a new innovative real estate agency model on the market, where agents pay a monthly membership fee and keep their commission from sales.
The primary objective was to increase brand awareness and generate leads through a targeted campaign on Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads on the employment page to recruit more team members.
Mr Kebab adaptive design

MainPage Redesign

The new site interface allows users to navigate more easily, thanks to filters they can select the property according to their own parameters, right from the herro page.

Platforms we worked with :

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What has been done :

Analysis of metrics to determine the cause of poor retention on the website
Campaigns on GAds, in an extremely competitive niche - real estate
Minimalist and intuitive design for Landing Page

Responsive Website from the Real Estate niche

Photo 3

Result we have achieved :

100 leads per month and 20 interviews
5500 monthly unique views from Google Ads campaigns
22 properties sold first month