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Mr. Kebab

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Initial data :

  • Facebook & Instagram Business Pages with great impact on audience and community who are very active with feedback
  • No website and great demand from customers to order online from the restaurant, not from intermediaries

Aims :

  • Build an original ecommerce website for the food industry inspired by the international market players
  • Reflect the concept of a cozy family owned business through a user friendly interface and experience
  • Consider a page for job application to hire new personnel for the new restaurants to open in the up-comming year
Mr Kebab is a local fast-food restaurant chain with specific Syrian kebab and shawarma recipes. Despite being a beloved fast-food brand, due to its cuisine and comfortable locations, it needed a strong visual identity on social media. One of the first steps was creating a memorable logo, the second one was making an e-commerce store for food delivery services included.
When developing the following project we considered the brandbook, the industry trends, and some big international market players such as etc. As we put a great accent on UX/UI fundamentals it can be seen when navigating the site and putting the order.
Another perspective we put emphasis on is the rich and diversified menu for all preferences. This is why we created a social media grid with different positions from the menu.
The same tasty visuals are used for awareness campaigns and local business campaigns, to attract more customers to the restaurant.
Our target was teenagers and younger consumers aged 20-30, who love fast-food, but still, care about the ingredients.
Our main purpose was to get more online orders. To our surprise, people started accessing our site, before we managed to announce its launch. It proved to be a big success.
Mr Kebab adaptive design

Adaptive design

From prototyping to the actual programming of the website, the development was explicitly tailored to all type of users

Platforms we worked with :

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What has been done :

New products and product combos added to the menu
Proper delivery service and call center organized
Market research to expand the restaurant chain in the neighborhood markets

Convenient editing through Onpage CMS system

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Result we have achieved :

1000 new users on site each day
20% increase in sales delivery
3 to 4 employment requests every week