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Peach Films

Services provided

Initial data :

  • Facebook & Instagram Business Pages, but no content plan with chaotic posts, lack of consistency and results
  • Wix template website lacking a clear content strategy and consistency

Aims :

  • Reinvent the name, branding and visual identity of a creative production company
  • Develop a new website to showcase available services and video production portfolio
  • Create an original layout for the project presentation page
Peach Films is the brainchild of a young and highly creative team of videographers, producers, and video editors. Working with individuals who possess a keen sense of color, aesthetics, and motion is always a challenge, as they know what they want but may struggle to express it in words.
To begin, we sought to encapsulate the essence of the company in three key words: juicy, fresh, and creative. With this in mind, we chose a neon peach as the logo and primary symbol of the brand, representing a fresh and innovative approach to the media and creative industry.
The next step was to develop a website from the ground up, to showcase our projects, services, and the story of how we created our own company and brand. The website aimed to be Creative, Refreshing and Inspiring.
Mr Kebab adaptive design

Catchy First Page Design

At first glance, a company's first page design can leave a lasting impression. We believe in this philosophy and strive to express a company's unique personality through our designs. Our latest creation is bold, dynamic and visually striking.

Platforms we worked with :

Photo 1

What has been done :

Brand voice and identity
Content plan and social media layout
Fully responsive website

A website that triggers you

Photo 3

Result we have achieved :

Strong visual identity and very satisfied client
New standards for video production companies` presence on the market
Long term partners for upcoming projects